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Vuelio presents The Public Affairs Awards 2017

14th December, 2017

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), Government Knowledge (GovKnow) and Zetter`s Political Services (ZPS) have once again joined forces to host The Public Affairs Awards. Between us, we cover the whole industry across the entire United Kingdom. We also believe that we have the pedigree and the passion for showcasing all that is best in this vital and vibrant industry.

We are convinced that lobbying is not just legitimate but also laudable. We also believe that the public affairs industry – ethically and efficiently run – is a force for good in any established liberal democracy. Lobbyists ensure that every side of every argument is examined and tested. The lobbying industry also goes some way towards redressing the balance between the government – with the full resources of the civil service at their disposal – and the opposition parties.

Last year was a crucial year in UK politics with the shock Brexit vote and the snap General Election in June which left Conservatives without a majority in Parliament. The upcoming Brexit negotiations will make this another stimulating and attention-grabbing year for UK politics.

Michael Crick is political correspondent of Channel 4 News and also presents some Dispatches programmes for Channel 4 including Boris v Dave: The Battle for Europe. He recently presented on LBC Radio every Saturday morning.

He has been a journalist for more than 30 years, working for three of the great flagship TV programmes.

He was a founding member of Channel 4 News in 1982, and later served as C4N Washington Correspondent.
Crick joined the BBC in 1990, and worked on Panorama before joining Newsnight in 1992.

He won Royal Television Society awards in 1989 and 2002 and recently was named the 2013 RTS Specialist Journalist of the Year. He was political editor of Newsnight from 2007-11.

Crick is the author of several books, including biographies of Arthur Scargill, Jeffrey Archer and Alex Ferguson – which were all bestsellers – and of Michael Howard and Michael Heseltine.

It has been said that the five most terrifying words in the political lexicon are: “Michael Crick is in reception” .

It has also been said that “One of the crowning glories of the uncodified British constitution is called “Michael Crick”.

Ex-Special Advisor to the Office of the Prime Minister, Theo Bertram, had this to say about Michael – “If I was a Minister, I’d sooner face a million angry Tweeters & their online petitions, than one Michael Crick.

Our Event

We have restricted this year’s awards to 22 categories. There should be a category for every field of lobbying, and we have made entering both simple and affordable. Only the EU is missing, as we are hosting the annual EuroPAwards    in Brussels.

So please, if you are proud of the work that you do, and you would like to showcase at least one aspect of it, enter The Public Affairs Awards 2017!